Forthcoming interviews

Making transcription of the interviews takes me quite some time, so please excuse the delay between recording of the interviews and their publishing. Soon I will publish interviews with Ewa Majewska, Rolando Vazquez, Ann Cvetkovich, and Mia You

Welcome to Breathable Futures Today

Project introduction | April 24th, 2020 | Utrecht "Roy makes me wonder what kind of portal we are in? Maybe it is not even one portal but many portals; because the current situation has very different effects for different people in relation to how they are positioned in the current world; how their lives are … Continue reading Welcome to Breathable Futures Today


Interview conversation with Nina Lykke

"thinking about tools right now, I think that [we need] all the tools related to creative, poetry, arts inspired methodologies, or arts based methodologies, poetry based methodologies, wonder based methodologies [...] Wonder can for example also be used vis á vis the sciences, instead of thinking for example in terms of either combating the virus or using the virus for bioscientific purposes (a utilitarian use of the virus as e.g. in bio-sensors). Science is very much pending between these two poles: combating, so called “combating”, for example virus, or thinking in utilitarian ways about it. And the thing is that we would need a lot more wonder in science going beyond these two poles. This would entail thinking for example the virus not either as an enemy or as something useful, but as something else."