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A fantastic podcast of daily 15min talks about “what is for you a moment of true decolonization?” by The Funambulist

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Upcoming: April 29th

“In response to an unprecedented global health emergency, many states are rolling out measures from deploying armies and drones to control public space, to expanding digital control through facial recognition technology and tracker apps. What if these measures become permanent once the pandemic has subsided? What if health is repurposed as a national security issue? How do we ensure that COVID-19 doesn’t become the new 9/11 – a new milestone in authoritarian states of control?”

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Transnational Institute, TNI

“The project was conceived out of a deep interest in the agency of stories, and their ability to make visible new present and future commons. is a collective platform for sharing our experiences of confinement and quarantine. We hope to provide a space for shared reflection of this moment from the quotidian, the personal, and the anecdotal. We hope this also becomes a testimonial archive and living memory of this critical moment.”

Alana Lentin: The Dangers of Refusing to See Race: ‘Not Racism’ in the times of Covid-19

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The Pandemic is A Portal: A conversation with Arundhati Roy. Available here

by Haymarket Books

“I think the only way we can forge a more livable world amidst the ruins of the old, is if we reckon honestly with how business-as-usual has wreaked havoc on people’s lives well before the current crisis. Many people on this planet have ALREADY been living in various states of crisis – ignored, explained away, papered over, endlessly documented and studied. We haven’t ‘all been in this together.'”

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― Ruha Benjamin’s online lecture “Black Skin, White Masks: Racism, Vulnerability & Refuting Black Pathology” (Wednesday, Apr 15, 2020)

By Brad Evans, Kehinde Andrews, Lauren Berlant, Wendy Brown, Russell Brand, Jake Chapman, Simon Critchley, Camille Dungy, Cynthia Enloe, Roberto Esposito, Simona Forti, Henry A. Giroux, David Theo Goldberg, Jack Halberstam, Saidiya Hartman, Todd May, Brian Massumi, Chantal Meza, Nicholas Mirzoeff, Adrian Parr, Julian Reid, Eugene Thacker, McKenzie Wark, Eyal Weizman, George Yancy

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The Universal Right to Breathe

“Before this virus, humanity was already threatened with suffocation. If war there must be, it cannot so much be against a specific virus as against everything that condemns the majority of humankind to a premature cessation of breathing, everything that fundamentally attacks the respiratory tract, everything that, in the long reign of capitalism, has constrained entire segments of the world population, entire races, to a difficult, panting breath and life of oppression. To come through this constriction would mean that we conceive of breathing beyond its purely biological aspect, and instead as that which we hold in-common, that which, by definition, eludes all calculation. By which I mean, the universal right to breath.”

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― Achille Mbembe “The Universal Right to Breathe” (April, 2020).
Heymarket Books

Heymarket Books organizes series of online events that critically address current COVID-19 situation, its consequences, and hopes for for the future. For access to the live and recorded events, follow their Facebook page here.

The True Cost of Coal poster

“This graphics campaign reflects the complexity of the struggles for land, livelihood, and self-determination playing out in Appalachia, and was made with the intention of honoring the tremendous history of organized resistance and the courage of communities living in the shadow of Big Coal.”

Beehive’s graphic stories are available here

Beehive Design Collective

Mutual Aid for Mobilization and Survival

“Mutual aid is a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions, not just through symbolic acts or putting pressure on their representatives in government but by actually building new social relations that are more survivable.”

Article available here

― Dean Spade “Solidarity Not Charity: Mutual Aid for Mobilization and Survival.”